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Cranbourne is an academy and is responsible for its own admissions. Parents should still apply through the Hertfordshire County Council website. The application process for entry to reception in 2018 is open from 7th November 2017 to 15th January 2018.


Applications for the nursery for 2018/19 should be made directly with the school. This can be done at anytime in the school year. We will not be offering 30 hours in the nursery - our offer is for 15 hours, either all mornings or all afternoons. We are happy to work  in partnership with other local providers, such as childminders, if you wish to access the 30 hours entitlement.

Admissions policy

Cranbourne is an academy taking the full range of children from 4 - 11 years. Our allocation criteria for entry to reception in September 2018 can be found in the document at the top of this page. Applications for reception (ie starting school) are made through the LA.


Our admission number for each year group is sixty children, across 2 classes. All children start in reception in the Autumn term. Places are guaranteed, so if a parent chooses to delay their child’s start until the term after they have their 5th birthday, they may do so. Part time schooling may also be an option for "summer born" children. We recommend that all children start full time in September unless there are very exceptional circumstances. Parents of summer born childrn may choose to delay their application process by a year - they will then be part of the normal application system, there is no preferential treatment for such applications.


All children start Nursery in September, although parents of summer born children may delay this until January. Parents are offered the choice of a morning or afternoon nursery session wherever possible, but we cannot guarantee to meet requests.


If you consider sending your child to us, you are welcome to visit in order to talk to the Headteacher and be shown round. An appointment may be made by calling in to the school or by telephone.


Parents seeking places in other year groups can apply any time throughout the school year, again through the LA system. If there is a place it will be offered. If the year group is full, the child will be placed on a reserve list and the parents will be offered the right of appeal. In year nursery applications are made directly with the school.

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