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Cranbourne Staff 2018/19

Headteacher – Mrs Rachel Semark

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Isla Grayson

Nursery Class - Mrs Barbara Arnold-Joyce
Reception - Mrs Nicola Whitenstall (Lead Teacher for Early Years)
Reception - Mrs Sonia Thomsett
Year 1 - Mrs Louise Savin / Mrs Nicola Hill
Year 1 - Miss Jade Roberts
Year 2 - Mrs Louise Warren / Mrs Natasha Skinner
Year 2 - Mrs Esther King
Year 3 - Mr Kerry Carter (Assistant Head/Head of Middle School) 
Year 3 - Miss Rebecca Bannocks/Mrs Charlotte Read
Year 4 - Miss Sarah Edwards / Mrs Eleanor McInerney

Year 4 - Mrs Gemma Page
Year 5 - Mr James Bath
Year 5 - Miss Emma Davies

Year 6 - Miss Jordan Beach
Year 6 - Miss Emma Wilkinson (Assistant Head/Head of Upper School)

Year 6 - Mr Barney Aylett


SENCo - Mrs Victoria Dalton

Additional part-time teaching staff
Mrs Mary Stevenson, Mrs Charlotte Read, Mrs Alice Cannatella, Mrs Sarah Westney


Senior Administrator and PA to the headteacher - Mrs Naomi Taylor
Office Administrators - Mrs Gill Stapleton, Mrs Gail Weston

Teaching Assistants

Senior Teaching Assistant - Mrs Nicky Stuart

Autism and Communication Lead - Mrs Lynne Bennett

Cover Supervisor - Mrs Angela Searle

Nursery Nurse - Mrs Gail Weston
Mrs Val Booth, Mrs Shelley Samuels, Mrs Helen Moss, Mrs Julie Harvey, Mrs Barbara Page, Mrs Alison Murray, Mrs Alison Maughan, Mrs Jacqui Montgomery, Mrs Sarah Doherty, Mrs Nina Difato, Mrs Hilary Garrad, Mrs Louise Wray, Mrs Carrie-Anne Long, Mrs Claire Allison

Site Manager – Mr Jon Hart

Midday Supervisors -  Mrs Kim Douglas, Mrs Sue Stock, Mrs Lisa Roberts-Lock, Mrs Tracy Hinton, Mrs Sarah McNally, Mrs Kally Lee

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