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Look at all the amazing learning we do in Nursery!

Spring Curriculum Letter 2015

Autumn Curriculum Letter 2014

WOW Moments!

Nursery Sports Day!

Here we all are ready for Sports Day. We all had such a good time doing our Egg and Spoon Race, Bean Bag Race, Obstacle Race and Running Race. 

Thank you to all the grown ups who came and watched our Sports Day races!

Look what we found!

Out in the Nursery garden we found an egg! It was a mystery as to what would have been inside the egg.

We thought about what might have come out of the egg and where it might be now. There were many suggestions from a dinosaur to a chicken.

One comment was made; "there is only half an egg now so the rest of the shell must still be on the chicks head!"


Sponsored Fun Run!


Paradise Wildlife Park came to visit us at school today.

They brought in some different animals for us to see. We learnt all about a tenrec; where they live and the different things that they eat. We saw a bearded dragon and a barn owl. Some of us saw a snake.


We really enjoyed ourselves when the Zoo came to visit.



Easter nest making

A big thank you to all the grown ups who came to help us with our Easter activities! We loved showing you our classroom!

We had an Easter egg hunt outside, made Easter baskets, ready for our nests next week and share books and learning journals with our grown ups. A great time was had by all.

Jungle Drama Workshop 23.3.15

We all took part in a Jungle Drama workshop today. It was so much fun. We went on a mission to find the key to open the cage to free the captured golden cat. We transformed into Jungle Explorers to carry out this mission; meeting several jungle animals along the way. We did different moved as we acted as the various jungle animals within our mission.

We even learnt a new language...Banana!!



Mark Making outside

On Red Nose Day we wore something red and brought in a fluffy animal. Our fluffy animals helped us a lot today. They helped us tidy up our toys and some of us drew our favourite animals too. Our animals even sat with us at snack time, it was just like a picnic.


As Red Nose Day was all about making funny faces this year, we used mirrors to investigate the different funny faces that we could make; our animals made some silly faces too!!

Exploring the climbing frame!

Investigating Poddley!

Maths Role Play - Costa Coffee

The Jungle in action!!

NEW Jungle Role Play!

We had Pancakes at Nursery!!


We looked at the ingredients you need to make a pancake. We used flour, eggs and milk; mixed them together and made the batter for our pancakes.


During CHIP time we had mini pancakes to taste. We chose what topping we wanted on our pancake; syrup, lemon or sugar. We then used a knife and fork to cut our pancake to eat!



Ethiopia Day!

Fun with ice!

We have had so much fun playing in our new Doctors Surgery this week! We have been learning how to take turns at being the Doctor, the Nurse and the Ambulance drivers!


We have also been mixing some medicine to give to our patients that are poorly in the doctors; as well as exploring the Hospital small world.

As it is Winter, our cooking activity this week was to make 'snow biscuits'.

We were each given a biscuit which we then decorated. We used white icing as the 'snow' and then added some extra sparkle for the 'snowflakes'.

We ate our snow biscuits at snack time...they were yummy!!

Story-teller comes to school

Thank you so much to all the Mummies and Daddies who came in to help us make our Christmas hats. We all had so much fun and really enjoyed having you visit our classroom.

We made our own sandwiches. We decided what we would put in our sandwich and spread the butter and filling ourelves. Then we ate our sandwiches at snack-time. Yum Yum!

Disco Time!!!

Some children decided that they wanted to have a disco at school. So we moved all the chairs and had some disco lights on the Interactive Whiteboard and some music on too. The children decided when they wanted the music to start or stop. It was so much fun!

Children in Need! Fairies and Superheroes invade Nursery!

Remembrance Day

We learnt all about Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes. We looked at the story of Guy Fawkes and the reason why we have fireworks. We also know that not everyone likes fireworks and sometimes it is better to stay inside to watch the fireworks, as they are less noisy!

We have done so many firework activities this week! We made rockets, glitter fireworks and chalk firework pictures, both inside and outside. We made firework pictures on the computers and interactive whirteboard and computers as well as making lots of firework noises outside!!

Pirate Ship Fun!


We became Autumn detectives this week on our Autumn Walk! Look at the fun we had!

Our Investigation Area!

Look at our new Autumn Investigation Area! It looks amazing! The children love exploring the different items.

Thank you so much for the donations of Autumn bits; any more you can find would be great.

Our New Digging Area!

This week in group work we have been looking for numbers in our environment. We searched high and low to find the numbers. Some of us had a number to look for and we found a number that was the same as the one we were holding.


Look at all the numbers we found!

Every Wednesday we visit the School Garden...we LOVE it!

We walk from Nursery to see all the herbs, vegetables and flowers that have been planted. We make sure we stay in pairs and water the plants that we see!

It is so interesting to see how the different plants grow!

We love it so much that we used soil and flower pots after in CHIP so that we could pretend to plant our own seeds.


Watch this space for some of our own planting :)

Shaving foam fun!

In CHIP we had our first experience of shaving foam! It was so much fun! Some of us were wary of what it felt like…others dived straight in! We experimented making marks in the shaving foam. Some of us tried to write our name.

Meeting Tobias the Snail

We have several class pets; a snail and 2 fish. We all love watching their movements. We know that our snail likes to eat vegetables...sometimes he finishes off our snack!! :)


The children are so curious about Tobias the snail that we often have him out for a stroke at the end of the session.

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