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Ofsted Quotes

Below are some quotes from our February 2020 Ofsted Report. You can find the whole report in the Statutory Information section.

Behaviour and Attitudes, Early Years, and Personal Development all graded "outstanding".


"Pupils love their school."

"Pupils enjoy learning and take pride in their achievements."

"They work exceptionally well together and ensure that they all live up to the school rules of 'ready, respectful, safe'.

"Leaders and staff are committed to teaching pupils how to be well-prepared citizens."

"Parents appreciate the school as much as children do."

"Staff provide effective support for pupils with SEND so that these pupils can take part in their learning and overcome their challenges."

"From an early age pupils learn to love reading."

"Most pupils quickly learn the phonics needed to read fluently."

"Leaders ensure that pupils enjoy impressive opportunities to learn about themselves and the wider world."

"Pupils have a sophisticated understanding of international issues such as human rights."

"Staff teach values such as equality, dignity and respect very well."

"Provision in the early years prepares children very well for the challenges of Year 1."

"Governors, trustees, trust and school leaders share an ambitious educational vision."


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