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We wore odd socks to show we are an anti-bullying school

The NSPCC came to tell us how to speak out and stay safe

Anti-bullying week is on its way...

Preparing for the transition to another class

Year 3 learned about our school rules - ready, respecful, safe

What a wonderful tea party we had at school with our friends from Belmont View!

Year 2 playing games with residents at Belmont View - what great fun!

Year 4 have been learning what affects their physical, mental and emotional health. They tried out a few activities and discussed how these altered their mood.

Year 1 were getting ready to move to Year 2 in September. Which children can you recognise from these models?

Year 4 have learnt about teeth and keeping them healthy. Look at these amazing models!

Year 2 were learning about how we show that we belong. We made special boxes to show important things about ourselves.

Democracy Week 2017 was such fun and very informative! We learnt about famous people who changed the way we vote, voted on a range of issues throughout the week, voted on the name for Cranbourne's new mini-bus and learnt about democracy in Britain.


What a lot of fun we had doing our workout to raise money for the NSPCC!

NSPCC Stay Safe campaign - A very informative presentation by Laurie. Keep a look out for our sponsored event to support the NSPCC.

Anti-Bullying Week -14-18th November 2016

The theme this year was 'Power for Good' where we thought about the ways in which we can help other people by using for good the power inside each one of us.



Year 4 learned about the definition of bullying

Year 2 looked at the story of Something Else who was treated badly and left out by his friends

Year 5 Make a Noise about Bullying

Still image for this video

Christmas Jumper day for Save the Children!

Anti- Bullying week
November is  'Anti Bullying' month. At Cranbourne, we take this matter very seriously and each year spend a week teaching this topic specifically. This year our Anti-Bullying week will be the week beginning 17th November. Be sure to check back to find out what the children have been up to.

Year 2 Not Again Poem


Year 2 looked at the poem 'Not Again' as a way of exploring what bullying is. The children hear the poem and from it had to work out what bullying was. They discusses ideas with each other and the teacher. They enjoyed hearing the poem but really disliked what was happening, especially as the poem was left with the child feeling lost. As a challenge they had to come up with a final verse. Here is the new and improved 'Not Again' Poem.


I am being bullied

And I have no joy.

It happens nearly every day

By the same boy.


On Monday, Seth pushed me

Straight into the wall.

On Tuesday, he stomped on my bag

And that's not all!


On Wednesday, he took my lunch.

I found it in the bin.

When we played footy on Thursday

He kept kicking me in the shin.


I stayed at home on Friday

Pretending to be sick in bed.

Seth's making my life miserable

As I am always scared.


Back at school on Monday

Seth hurts me on my birthday.

I think I'll tell the teacher

Before he causes me more harm.


The children have used teacher in the poem, but know that it is important to tell any adult if they think they are being bullied.

Look at all the different things we have done this week.

Above you can see pictures from Anti-Bullying Week. You will be able to see Year 3 role playing scenarios which include a bystander. Nursery's what it takes to be a good friend mind maps. Year 2's what to do if your being bullied posters and Year 5's Childline posters.

Our rights

We have been developing our children as members of society, as part of this we have achieved level 1 in the Rights Respecting Schools Award.

The children have been learning about their rights and the rights of others. At the start of each year the children recap these rights and make a class charter. These charters are used in conjunction with the class rules and are a guide for how to behave in school.

Barney and Bertie Bear

PSHE in Reception is everywhere. One way the children are encouraged to partake in PSHE is by the use of Barney and Bertie Bear. Each week a different child takes home the bear and they are tasked with learning something together. In the past children have taught Barney/Bertie; how to cross a road safely, make a sandwich, how to put on a jumper and how to play nicely together.

Coping with Change

Part of PSHE is teaching children about how to cope with change. The big change within school is moving year groups. Each year in July the children spend the morning with their new teacher. On this morning children can ask questions and begin to tell their new teacher about themselves. This normally takes the form of an activity which can be displayed at the start of the year. Above are some examples.

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