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Sports Premium

The Sports Premium funding is given to schools to enhance provision of PE/sport. Below you will find details of how we spend this money and the impact it has had.


Schools now have a duty to provide information about the swimming capabilities of children in Y6. Like many schools our Y6 children do not go swimming so the information below is based upon their assessments from last year; it is likely therefore that more children can actually meet these criteria now, a year on. We have to report on the percentage of children who are able to swim 25 metres, those who can use variety of strokes (it's not stated how good the style of these strokes needs to be), and those who can "self rescue in a variety of water based situations". This last statement is particularly difficult to asses as we only see the children in the pool, not a variety of situations - "self rescue" is also open to interpretation; we have taken information given to us by the children themselves as well as using the knowledge from last year's swimming lessons. We know that all the children were able to get themselves out of the pool as they had to do this in every lesson!


Swim a length front and back (variety of strokes) = 78%

Rescue themselves = 31%

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