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Weekly Home Learning

8th May 2019

Keep a food diary for two days, writing down everything that you eat or drink, including snacks ready for our lesson on MONDAY! Remember to eat fish at some point over the weekend – why?

Have a restful weekend and make sure you don’t revise all weekend – remember you need to have some fun before all your hard work next week. Early nights, good food and some relaxation – but not too much screen time are the best things to prepare you for next week.

1st May 2019

As SATs are fast approaching this week we would like you to revise.  Use your revision books or below are some resources that you might find helpful.

30th January 2019

Pick out your top five films. Can you identify what the genre is and explain why you think it is this particular genre?

Please complete this work on paper and put it in your home learning folder. We will need it for our English work next week.


16th January 

Over the next few weeks we will be writing an essay for a competition. The title of the essay is “What I want to be when I grow up and why”.

In preparation for this, we would like you to research what you would like to be when you grow up. Focus on:

  • What skills you will need
  • Why do you want to do this job
  • What will you need to do between now and then to get the job
  • Who or what is inspiring you to do this job
  • Why do you think you will be good at it
  • What will the job involve

Do not worry about salary, specific qualifications etc

Please complete this work on paper. The more you find out, the easier you will find it to write your essay.

9th January

Please complete this reasoning paper.  Try to do it unaided, although you can ask an adult to read the questions to you.  If you want to time yourself, in SATs you would be allowed 35 minutes. We will be going through it in our SATs groups on Wednesday morning next week.  Remember to show your workings.

5th November

In maths we are moving on to looking at shape.  Your SLOP work this week is about finding missing angles in triangles and other shapes (complete one or two sections - try to challenge yourselves.  A few of you have the sheet thinking about the properties of shape.

28th November

The journey of my dinner – choose a meal you eat over the next few days and research where each item originated from (not Tescos!). Present your meal’s journey is any way you like i.e. on a map, as a menu etc - be creative. The final product should be no bigger than A3

14th November

Children to complete some or all of the problems on the sheets they have been given, which are a combination of the sheets below.  They are focusing on finding common denominators which is what we have been doing in class recently.


Also the school council have asked children to design a poster to go outside of school to ask people not to allow their dogs to foul on the grass.

Home Learning 7th November 2018


Next week is Parliament week, so we would like you to find out about different forms of government around the world (which could include England) and create a lesson on a page (A4) explaining each type that you have found – minimum of four different types e.g. democracy, monarchy, autocracy, theocracy.

10th October

The children need to come up with an effective idea to let people know about superbugs and how to stop them. More information is in the information below.

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