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Year 1

Curriculum Letter: Summer Term

Curriculum Letter: Spring Term 2019

Curriculum Letter: Autumn 2018

Year 1 high frequency words and tricky words.

Cranbourne Darling Ducklings

Year 1 have enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London and being bakers!

Looking super for red nose day. Thank you for your donations!

We have enjoyed learning about and taking part in a Christening with Rev. Nick Sharp.

We had some fantastic dance moves going on in year 1!!

There has been lots of PE taking place in year 1.

Year 1 have been investigators exploring shadows.

Following instructions to make fruit salads.

Year 1 enjoyed their trip to the local woods, looking for signs of Autumn.

Alien adventure part 2!

Year 1 have been working hard to learn about positional language.

Last swim for the ducklings and how they have changed!

5 Little ducks went swimming one day

We have a new addition to year 1. Ducklings !!!!!

Year 1 had great fun making their 'Perfect Playground'

The perfect playground walk

Year 1 have been learning about fractions whilst making delicious pizzas!!!

Year 1 had lots of fun following instructions on 'How to make pancakes'.

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