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Year 4

Year 4 - Learning about the Digestive System in science

Summer Curriculum Letter 2019

Year 4 Curriculum Map 2018 - 2019

Year 4's Amazing trip to Mountfitchet Castle - fun was had by all!

Year 4 Curriculum Letter Spring 2019

Year 4 Curriculum letter Autumn 2018

Year 3 / 4 statutory word lists as discussed at the Expectations Meeting September 2018

Recommended Reading for Year 4

'Plastic in the ocean' project

A River is Born!

Still image for this video

Today, we discovered a mysterious bag. Who could it belong to?

Celebrating Diwali! As part of our RE learning this term, we have been looking at Hinduism. On Wednesday 7th November, the Hindu festival of Diwali began. To celebrate this and embrace this learning opportunity, we held a Diwali Away Day across year 4. Our day involved dancing, making Diwali lamps and researching Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

In science, we are looking at sound. The being our topic, we thought about how important sound is and the clues sounds can give us about the location of something. Mrs McInerney then read us the poem 'The Sound Collector.' We then silently travelled around Cranbourne listening for interesting sounds to being to create our version of the poem. 

We looked at the clouds for inspiration when writing a class poem

Year 4 found out what affects their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Click the link below.

Year 4 having fun learning about the Digestion System

The results for what effect different liquids have on egg shells are in!

Here are some multiplication grids that may help with the new Times Tables books.

Summer Term Curriculum Letter

Chattering teeth!

Ramayana Song Words





WATCH OUT SITA (Soorpanaka)


Diwali Song 4 Rama Holds The Bow

Diwali Song 3 We're Going On An Adventure

Diwali Song 2 Everyone's Favourite Prince

Diwali Song 1 Ramayana

4SE - Having fun classifying invertebrates during our science lesson

Spellings 18th April

Spellings 7th March

Spellings 28th February

Spellings 21st February

VeloPark Visit

Spellings 31st January

Home Learning - music makers!

Spellings 24th January

Spellings 17th January

Spring Term Curriculum Letter 2018

Spellings - Wednesday 10th January

Lee Valley 100% Sheet

Sound 100% Sheet

Spellings 29th November

Electricity 100% Sheet

Hoddesdon 100% Sheet

Teeth and Digestion 100% sheet

Spellings 15th November

Spelling List 8th November

Rivers and Water Cycle Knowledge Organiser

Spelling List 1st November

spelling list 20th October

Spelling list 11th October

Diwali Lamps

Getting messy learning about how materials change state

How will the water flow?

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Investigating how a river is formed

Embracing our differences and similarities

Curriculum map 2017-2018 updated

Curriculum Letter

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