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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


There is never a dull moment in Year 4.  Here you will find lots of examples of our exciting learning and we will be adding more as the year progresses. Enjoy!

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Summer Curriculum Letter 2015

Spring Curriculum Letter 2015

Autumn Curriculum Letter 2014

14 July 2015

Today Year 4 excelled themselves with their ukulele concert.  They showed off their talents as ukulele players, song writers and singers.  Well done every one - we were so proud of you.

ukulele 1.mp4

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ukulele 2.mp4

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7th July

As part of our science work on sound we held a workshop in the hall.  In this workshop we were investigating sound waves by using rice on a drum, tuning forks in water, balloons, our voice box, rulers and stringed instruments.  We also looked at the effect on a non-newtonian fluid when sound is passed through it. We had great fun and lots of learning took place.


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30 June

What fun we had today making Viking Longships. Having research these boats, we used our Design Technology skills to make our own boats out of cardboard.  These boats are now proudly displayed in our classrooms.


29 June

Today the Language Leaders from John Warner came in to work with Year 4.  Over the past few weeks we have been learning how to order fruit and vegetables at the market and this gave us the opportunity to practise our skills. It was great fun.


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Listen to our great French accents


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15 - 19 June

This week was Enterprise week.  Each class was given £20.00 and had to see how they could grow this into a healthy profit. In Year 4 we decided to offer a car washing service and this proved to be very successful making a profit in the region of £350


On Monday we went to Morrisons to look behind the scenes and also carried out some market research in the other supermarkets to find out out how much people were prepared to pay for a car wash and what they expected.


Mr Hill visited us on Wednesday morning to tell us about the work of an accountant and to help us with our business plan, ensuring we understood the difference between profit and loss, service and product.


On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we then washed cars! It was great fun and everyone worked very hard. Thank you to all the staff and parents who allowed us to wash their cars. 

Enterprise Week

16 June 2015

Today, Year 4 visited Cuffley Camp as part of our history and geography work on Early Settlers.  We learnt how to build shelters, make fire and lay tracks as well as improving our orienteering and map skills.  It was a great day out in the woods, outdoor learning at its best. 

Cuffley Camp

9 June 2015

In science we were learning about reversible and irreversible changes and made chocolate crispy cakes to show the effects of a reversible change.  They were yummy!!!

Ukulele Rock Bands

During May Year 4 worked very hard to become Rock Bands which included ukuleles.  We had the opportunity to play the drums, a keyboard and an electric guitar.  Enjoy!

Rock Bands

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5 June

Today Year 4 participated in the FOC sponsored  mile run.  Everyone ran at least 4 times round the field - a great achievement and hopefully lots of money raised.

Running a mile

4 - 8 May 2015

This was Democracy Week and we enjoyed lots of interesting workshops and found out about the history of Parliament. On the day of the General Election we held our own M and M election, which resulted in a hung parliament!

Democracy Week Activities

1 April 2015

Today we celebrate Easter by thinking about the Last Supper with Jonathan and Alison from St Cuthberts and then using our Outdoor Adventurous Skills to complete an Easter Egg Hunt. Washing each other's hands helped us to understand how the disciples felt when Jesus washed their feet. 

Easter Activities

30 March 2015

This afternoon we welcomed our parents into school for the Middle School Open Afternoon.  We were very proud to show our parents all the learning that has taken place this term.  Thank you to everyone who came - we do appreciate your support.

Our Parents came to look at our learning - what fun!

25 March 2015

As part of our geography work we were finding out about the production of tea in Chembakolli.  To help us with our work we had a cup of tea! 

Tea drinking in geography

Geography Through Cake - the top four cakes

13 March 2015

As celebration of Red Nose Day and to assess our learning about rivers, we decided to host the first Cranbourne Great River Bake Off.  The children were given a selection of cakes, biscuits, icing and decorations and asked to produce a show-stopper on the theme of rivers.  Such fun was had by all and epic geography took place. Enjoy looking at the photographs.  Year 4 Mr Bath (Sue) and Miss Wilkinson (Mel) are so proud of you all.  Great teamwork, great learning great fun!!!  Many thanks to our very own Mary Berry (Mrs Semark) and Paul Hollywood (Miss Chandler) for judging the competition. 

The Great Cranbourne River Bake off - Geography through cake!