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Year 6

Curriculum overview 2015/16 and Curriculum letter Summer term 2016

Curriculum Letter for Parents Spring 2016

Curriculum Letter for Parents Autumn 2015

Year 6 have had a fantastic year. We all enjoyed a final day together in the sunshine at Tolmers Activity Centre, although we missed Mrs Sharp but were very pleased to see her at our leavers BBQ.
Alice in Wonderland was wonderful Year 6 - you were all stars!
It pays to keep your room tidy at Croft Farm and to go the extra mile within your group.  Our winners had a great day at Lee Valley wishing the Olympic team good luck and showing their skills at canoeing. Well done Mrs Montgomery for keeping your room tidy too!
We celebrated the end of our French lessons with a French cafe in the outdoor classroom. This was fun and showed what great linguists we have become.
We had fun making blood in science!!!

Croft Farm 2016 #year6summerholiday

A wonderful week was held at Croft Farm.  We laughed, cried (only a few tears when we were missing home), got soaked, had fun, eat lots, enjoyed each other's company, behaved impeccably (except for some of the staff!) and made great memories.  Here is a taster for you.

The Activities

It was very wet on the journey
Mind that window!
Before we even get there!
Pit stop
Pit stop
Pit stop
Ready to go on the river
Introducing our balloon baby
Introducing our balloon baby
Introducing our balloon baby
Introducing our balloon baby
Introducing our balloon baby
Our baby is dead
At your service (we want inspection points)
Ready to climb
We had to work as a team
Happy Birthday Mrs Murray
Will our raft stay afloat?
I'm a natural at this
An audience with Mr Bath
Hairdressing salon is open
Trendy guys
Time to go back home
It was a tiring week!
Camp Fire's burning
Showing off our skills
Showing off our skills
Showing off our skills
The sun is setting on another lovely day
Oops - the buggy collapsed
Our dorms
Referendum time
Referendum time


Dance the night away

June 2016

This week in maths Year 6 are investigating a million.  Did you know that if 1 million people formed a queue that they would form a line which was 500 km long.  That is the distance from Weymouth to Northumberland! 

But do you know how much 1 million lentils or 1 million grains of rice or 1 million pound coins weigh?

How about how many rungs are needed on a ladder which would reach the moon?  Or how many times a million people holding hands would go round the circumference of the world?

Year 6 had fun finding out today and lots of great mathematical reasoning was taking place.

Arts Week 2016

Year 6 enjoyed making their Antony Gormley clay figures which were added to the Cranbourne Field! 

Arts Week 2016


Year 6 have been learning about the artist David Hockney and looking at the way he used colour and texture in his landscapes.  We have used paint and pastels to create our own amazing landscapes.

David Hockney

13 May 2016

Today we celebrated the fact that SATs were over with a Hollywood themed Away Day. The children's costumes were amazing.  We had fun with a movie quiz, amongst other things, and then ate pizza and cake at the end of the day. The children had made us proud during the week and thoroughly deserved this fun day at the end of a very hard-working week.


Even the staff rose to the occasion
The final quiz scores
Thank you Mia for making us this delicious cake

15 March 2016

Today we celebrated Mrs Sharp's 30th birthday by inviting our parents in for a parent lesson!  In this lesson we showed our parents how to use the Singapore Bar method to solve problems involving addition, division, fractions and ratio.  A good time was had by all.

14 March 2016

Today science blew our minds!!! Using just 4 pieces of bread, some margarine and a microwave we discover the speed of light! Did you know that microwaves and light in a vacuum travel at the same speed? If you want to know more, or carry out the experiment yourself, then follow the link below.

We watched the bread for about 20 seconds
Then we saw the hot spots were on the bread
or on the cheese
We measured the distance between the hot spots
We averaged of the distances and divided by 100
We multiplied the number by 2450000000

9 March 2016

Tonight, our three finalists in the Rotary Club "What I want to be when I grow up" Essay Competition went to the presentation at Hoddesdon library. All three girls received a certificate and then Charlotte was announced as our school winner, winning a £15.00 book token.  We waiting in anticipation to see if Charlotte would be the overall winner. Unfortunately she was pipped to the post by someone who wanted to be a grower, but her essay was highly commended by the judges.  Well done to all three girls - you are all winners in our eyes.


9 March 2016

In French today we learnt how to give directions.  We then had to direct our blindfolded friend around the hall - it was such fun!!

Body Percussion with John Warner School

Still image for this video
6EW have been enjoying creating a composition called "Under the Sea" using just their bodies with the help of John Warner students. here is a sample of our work.

2nd March 2016

Happy birthday Mrs Samuels - we enjoyed sharing tea and cake with you to celebrate!

Discovering World Sports

For one of our PE units this term we have been trying out some different world sports which has been really exciting and fun.  Here are some of our favourites.


Gaelic Football

What an exhausting game!



Frisbee Golf

Danish Long Ball


Investigating Light

In science during January and February, Year 6 have been investigating light.  We have proved that light travels in a straight line and that shadows get bigger the closer they are to the light source. We also investigated convex and concave mirrors and the results were quite scary!!! These photos show some of our investigations - we had great fun!

5 January 2016 

Happy New Year.  In Year 6 we have been writing New Year's Resolutions that we are 100% certain that we will be able to keep.  Have a read and see if you agree with us.  Thank you Brain Moses for your inspiration. 


How to draw Snoopy

Still image for this video

4th December

On Christmas DT day we had great fun icing our Christmas Cakes.  Everyone created a great design and the end results were amazing.  We hope our families enjoy the cakes as much as we have enjoyed making them. 

3rd December

The culmination of our computing unit for this term was to pitch. "Dragon Dens" style, to a board of Dragons the apps we had designed to see which one they would sponsor. The Dragons included our link governor, Mrs Beggs. The Dragons were very impressed with all the pitches, but decided in the end that a fashion designing app and a dog training app were the ultimate winners. Our runners up designed an app which would help with your Christmas shopping and one which enables you to learn about the Age of Extinction. Many congratulations to you all and thanks to Mrs Skinner and Mrs Stephenson for enabling our learning.

Three Dragons
All The Dragons
Runners Up 6SS
Runners Up 6EW
Winners 6SS
Winners 6EW

1st December

Today our parents joined us in our English lesson. We were debating whether Christmas is secular or sacred. After researching and debating we had a democratic vote and decided by 20 votes to 9 in 6EW and a similar majority in 6SS that, in our opinion, Christmas should be a sacred occasion and not renamed Xmas. 

26th November

Year 6 had the opportunity to go to Crucial Crew today.  This is an activity afternoon where various scenarios are set up and the children learn about how to keep themselves safe.  The scenarios included cyber bullying, electricity, fire, drugs, water safety and road safety.  They also learnt how to put someone into the recovery position and look after them until the emergency services arrive.  Our children were commended for their behaviour and interest - well done Year 6.

18th November

As part of a Young Enterprise Project with John Warner School, Year 6 made wheelchairs by following instructions in their kit boxes. After an initial test, the children modified the wheelchairs and then they were tested on a race track to see which one would go the furthest.  Our wheelchair are now on display in the corridor for all to see.   

10 November 2015

Today we started our Design Technology project by making our Christmas Cakes in baked bean tins!  It was great fun but needed us to measure the ingredients accurately and work together in teams. The recipe made 8 cakes so we had to half it to have the right amount for our groups of 4.  The eggs were the hardest to divide!!!  The cakes are now all wrapped up in foil, ready to be iced later in the term.