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Year 6

Year 6 Curriculum Map September 2016

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Year 6 Curriculum Letter Autumn 2016

12 May 2017

Year 6 you have been amazing this week with your SATs and thoroughly deserved to be Super Stars today.  The day started with breakfast of bacon, waffles and maple syrup and ended with ice-cream!  In between we had a fabulous film quiz and found out the Year 6 show this year will be a version of the Pied Piper of Hamlin. All in all a great day, and well deserved.  Have a good rest this weekend - there are 9 weeks left of your primary education!


2nd May 2017

In science we have been learning about the eye and in french we have been thinking about important landmarks in Hoddesdon and Paris. To combine the two, in art we have created "In my mind's eye" pictures.  Can you identify any important landmarks?

24th April 2017

In Year 6 we are learning about blood and so today we made blood smoothies. These had four components - strawberries as red blood cells, marshmallows as white blood cells, sprinkles as platelets and pineapple juice as the plasma. We enjoyed being vampires and drinking the blood once all the ingredients had been blended together. 

15 March 2017

Cranbourne’s Coronation Anthems.

In music this term, we created our very own 'Coronation Anthems'. These linked to our history topic of Britain in the 20th century. Thank you John Warner, we had great fun!



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8 March 2017

Tonight the Year 6 finalists - Seren Miller, Francesca Serdet and James Gilbert - went to Hoddesdon library for the presentation of certificates and announcement of the overall winner of the Rotary club essay writing competition.  We were very pleased that James Gilbert was not only chosen as the school winner but also the winner of the whole competition, Fantastic James - we are all very proud of you.

9 February 2017

As part of our RE unit, 6EW retold significant religious stories through the medium of drama. Enjoy watching our performances. 


3 February 2017

Over the past few weeks Year 6 have been learning the moves of the Hakka. They then worked in groups to produce their own dance. These were videoed and then evaluated by the children. They then worked in their groups again to improve the routines, taking note of the comment that had been made. Today we performed them again and here are the results.


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1 February 2017

Year 6 have been amazing scientists this week and have set up their own investigations to answer the question "How does the distance between an object and the light source affect the size of the shadow?" They thought really scientifically in planning, experimenting, recording, presenting and evaluating. Accuracy and curiosity skills were definitely being used. 


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26 January

Today we were learning some French adjectives to use in sentences about modes of transport.  Mrs Alexander made a video to help us with our pronunciation. We then made our own videos.  Do you think we are pronouncing the words as well as she is?


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19 December

Today Year 6 considered how Christmas is celebrated in France.  We learnt about les traditions de Noel en France. As the 6th January is a very important day in the French calendar we thought about the visit of the Magi and made Christmas cards to depict this story. 

14 December

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their last Christmas Dinner at Cranbourne yesterday. Thank you to all the Kitchen staff for preparing it for us. We enjoyed wearing the hats that we made on DT day last week! 

9 December

Year 6 enjoyed icing their Christmas cakes as part of the fun of DT day. Which one is your favourite?


7 December

Today Year 6 performed their Body Percussion compositions to Year 5. Thank you John Warner Music Ambassadors for working with us this term to enable us to produce such high quality work.  Enjoy watching some of the performance.


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30th November

We are perfecting our body percussion ready for a performance next week. Parents are welcome to come and watch at 2:45pm - no younger siblings please.

Body Percussion

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29 November 2016

We have started to learn the Haka - this group were particularly fierce! 


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21 November 2016

In maths today we used ratio to help us make cocktails.  We had to work out how much of each ingredient was needed to make just one glass.  It was great fun and lots of great maths took place - the bar method came into its own!

16 November 2016

It was a great day in Year 6 today as lots of monsters were born! The genes of the mother and father were combined to create the off-spring.  A science lesson the children won't forget!


11 November - Planting bulbs with RNT

8th November

Today all the children in Year 6 made a Christmas Cake in a baked bean tin.  These will be decorated on our Christmas DT day. This activity involved lots of maths as the ingredients had to be weighed out and we also had to adapt the recipe for the number in the group - practical proportion! Thank you to Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Westney, Mrs Samuels and Mrs Montgomery for helping us to make them.

1st November 2016

Today we welcomed our parents to join us for our reading lesson.  We looked at a passage by Bram Stoker which described Dracula (who also joined us for the morning in 6EW) and then considered whether the police photo-fit or the halloween mask matched the description. A great morning's learning.

Read the description of Dracula which formed the basis of our parent reading lesson.

18th and 19th October

In preparation for writing discussion texts about corporal punishment, Year 6 participated in a P4C discussion and a debate about corporal punishment. It was great to see how the children were applying their learning and beginning to form their own opinions based on evidence from a range of sources. Some great learning has taken place this week. 

Year six have been improving their hockey skills. We are now officially 'Hockeytastic'.

30 September

After our sporting morning at John Warner, the children produced some amazing gymnastic routines in the afternoon.  Watch and enjoy.

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30 September

Year 6 had a great morning at the first Multi Academy Trust Sports Morning (and were the first to use the new astro turf) .  A big thank you to the staff at John Warner for organising the event.  The children were fantastic and fully participated in all the activities.  They were commended for their superb behaviour. 

28 September 2016

Learning about percentages using the bar method is fun - especially when you make a human bar!

13 September 2016

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl

7 September 2016

Year 6 are beginning the year by using cuisenaire rods to show how bar modelling can help us with our maths - algebra is actually great fun.


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