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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!



What an amazing last night of the Show!  Year 6 even got a standing ovation...

Fabulous Fashion...

As part of a short English project Year 6 channelled their inner diva to strut down the 'Cranbourne Catwalk'!


Summer Curriculum Letter 2015

Spring Curriculum Letter 2015

Autumn Curriculum Letter 2014

Year 6 have been designing their own Mars robots using K'Nex.  They had some fantastic, sturdy designs!

Maths investigation afternoon!

Year 6 were set the challenge of decoding some ancient number systems. 

Have you ever thought about how easily you can be distracted when you're using your mobile phone?  Year 6 have been learning about the dangers of using a mobile device while walking along.  We designed posters to tell other Year 6 children how to stay safe.

We have been learning some important safety messages and how to be a good citizen through a range of scenarios including: first aid, rail safety, crime issues, fire, road safety and much more!

Crucial Crew

Some of the parents came in to see how we learn at Cranbourne in Year 6.  We were story-mapping ideas for prequels to stories.
We have been creating series and parallel circuits in Science!
Exploring tension and compression through construction.
Reinforcing our grammar skills in the computing suite.
Finding parallel and perpendicular lines around school.
We've planted various bulbs (hopefully the right way up!) and are looking forward to watching them blossom and grow over the next few months.
Gymnastics/Science - balance forces - look at us balance!
Investigating how light travels using mirrors.
Year 6 visited Walton-on-the-Naze to see the erosion of the cliffs and the sea defences that have been put in place in order to protect the Naze Tower.  It was fascinating!

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