Face to face assemblies are back! On this page you can find out what the children have been learning about in assembly. The newest assemblies are at the top so you can see what's current.

November 2021

The children have been listening to The Swan from The Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens.

Year 3 and 4 learnt about Leonardo da Vinci. Year 4's recall of what they'd already learnt about him was very impressive!

Important vocabulary: multi-talented, pioneer

They have learnt about how science sometimes makes discoveries by accident. Ask them about Alexander Fleming and penicillin, and the invention of the microwave and post it notes!

Important vocabulary: discovery, antibiotic, bacteria, micro-organism

The KS2 children have learnt about Galileo: how his discovery of the moons of Jupiter led to him declaring that the sun was the centre of the universe and not the Earth, nad how this led to trouble with the Church. 

Important vocabulary: pioneer, discovery

October 2021

The children have been listening to Winter from the Four Seasons by Vivaldi.

Topics covered:

  • The Windrush Generation and scandal
  • Harriet Tubman
  • The Bristol bus boycott

Important vocabulary: prejudice, discrimination, activist, boycott, illegal, legal