Our main assemblies are organised by age.

The younger children (reception and year 1) use these to consider important values such as kindness, and celebrating difference.

In years 2 - 6 the children learn about significant events and people who have shaped the world and the way we think. This page will focus on these assemblies and give you a flavour of what the children are learning.

Here are some of the people we have learnt about:

Nelson Mandela

Amelia Earhart

Leonardo da Vinci

Martin Luther King

Alexander Fleming

Malala Yousafszi

Alfred Nobel

Harriet Tubman

Robert Peel

Some important words we have learnt are: segregation, discrimination, activist, prejudice, controversial

Below are links for our assemblies since May.

Christy Brown. He had cerebral palsy and did amazing paintings with his left foot. Why don't you try drawing with your foot?

Christy Brown assembly

Helen Keller. She was deaf and blind. Found out how she learnt to understand the world around her.

Helen Keller assembly