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I am delighted to welcome you to the Cranbourne Website. We are enormously proud of our school. I have the pleasure of leading an excellent team of teaching and support staff, all of whom are committed to providing the very best school experience possible for every Cranbourne child...
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@TheCranbourne - June 8
Year 3 we’re hopping with joy today- we found LEGS!
@TheCranbourne - May 28
Happy Elmer day love RWM 🌈🐘
@TheCranbourne - May 28
Happy Elmer day from RSH!
@TheCranbourne - May 28
A brilliant Elmer day in Year 1.
@TheCranbourne - May 28
Athletics in Y3! via
@TheCranbourne - May 28
Year 1 are having lots of fun making Elmer
@TheCranbourne - May 21
@TheCranbourne - May 18
Year 1 halving shapes in maths this morning.
@TheCranbourne - May 7
There’s no place like home.... !
@TheCranbourne - May 7
1ST embraced their outdoor learning today while the new interactive whiteboard was being installed. It was ready to test by lunchtime :)
@TheCranbourne - May 7
Year 3 have been learning about what plants need to grow. They’ve grown some of their own and are taking great care of them 🌱 🪴
@TheCranbourne - May 6
The water needs changing so the tadpoles are going on a sleepover!
@TheCranbourne - April 30
Year 1 taking a close look at nature today
@TheCranbourne - April 23
Year 3 PE with javelins & shot puts!
@TheCranbourne - April 22
You can hear the brains ticking. A proud head of department here!
@TheCranbourne - April 22
Our Year 5 mathematicians are ready for the HFL maths challenge! Let the battle begin!
@TheCranbourne - April 20
Y3 will be hopping with excitement & jumping with joy at our new arrivals in the Y3 pond!
@TheCranbourne - April 19
Year 6 have spent this afternoon in court at the trial of Matthew Weeks. Tomorrow the jury will decide if he is guilty or not of the murder of Charlotte Dymond.
@TheCranbourne - March 26
Beautiful Spring art from Year 1. Happy Easter everybody :)
@TheCranbourne - March 26
Reception have been busy making Easter cards this week.