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I am delighted to welcome you to the Cranbourne Website. We are enormously proud of our school. I have the pleasure of leading an excellent team of teaching and support staff, all of whom are committed to providing the very best school experience possible for every Cranbourne child...
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@TheCranbourne - March 26
Beautiful Spring art from Year 1. Happy Easter everybody :)
@TheCranbourne - March 26
Reception have been busy making Easter cards this week.
@TheCranbourne - March 23
Year 2 are planting seeds...let’s see if some of them grow!
@TheCranbourne - March 22
Wimbledon, here we come! Watch out !
@TheCranbourne - March 19
@TheCranbourne - March 19
Year 3 had a “hair raising” day supporting Comic Relief!
@TheCranbourne - March 19
Year 1 really embraced the crazy hair day !!
@TheCranbourne - March 3
Thursday 4th March is World Book Day. Don’t forget to send your teacher a picture of you reading to someone or something. thanks for the idea
@TheCranbourne - February 3
Thanks to you and all the adults at home who are supporting the children so well at home!
@TheCranbourne - January 26
Beautiful sunrise over school today. Couldn’t resist taking a picture! RS
@TheCranbourne - January 18
And if you don’t fancy Tracy Beaker, there are lots and lots of stories that you could listen to here. I’d love to know which ones are your favourites. Miss Wilkinson
@TheCranbourne - January 18
Join me in reading The Story of Tracy Beaker on the Oak National Library this week. Years 5 and 6 you could read it to yourself and years 3 and 4 it would be a great book for an adult to read to you. Follow this link and enjoy reading it. Miss Wilkinson
@TheCranbourne - January 17
To all the families who are helping us make this work, “Thank you!”
@TheCranbourne - January 10
Lovely! Thanks for sharing.
@TheCranbourne - January 9
Year 3 began to make soil yesterday both at home and in school! Over the next few weeks we’ll see what happens & share our results.
@TheCranbourne - January 8
What a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much, from all the staff 😊
@TheCranbourne - December 17
Is it high? Is it low? Reception enjoyed composing their own songs with the ‘blob opera’ today.
@TheCranbourne - December 17
Do you want to build a snowman? Y3 found this really tricky! We had to summon our inner “Resilient Rupert” to finish!
@TheCranbourne - December 17
If you go to the English page on the school website you will find the videos of our Poetry Snowball 2020. We hope you enjoy them and they make you feel Christmassy!
@TheCranbourne - December 16
The reception Christmas elves have been busy learning how to wrap presents 🎁🎄 They did a fantastic job!