Curriculum Overview

Everything that happens in school is the curriculum. The children, and adults, are always learning, whether this is the academic curriculum, how to share, or how to be good citizens. We never forget that most situations children meet are new to them and they need to be taught how to deal with them.

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Our academic curriculum is designed with knowledge at its heart to ensure that children develop a strong vocabulary base and understanding of the world.  It aims to empower children with the knowledge and cultural inheritance they are entitled to: knowledge that will nourish both them and the society of which they are members. We aim to equip children to become interested and interesting adults, able to contribute positively to the well-being of their community and to wider society.

We believe that progress means knowing more and remembering more. We have built a curriculum that promotes long term learning based on current research regarding how memory works to ensure that children not only have access to 'the best that has been thought and said' but are taught this in a way that ensures children can remember the curriculum content in future years.  We make use of knowledge organisers (which are sent home regularly) to ensure children and their families know exactly which information is expected to be learned over the course of their study in a particular subject.  We understand that knowledge is 'sticky', in other words, the more pupils know the easier it is for them to know more.  We use this principle to build understanding in all subject areas through constant recall of previous learning.

Children need to learn the skills needed to apply their knowledge in new situations to enable them to be creative thinkers. These skills are built systematically along side the knowledge.


@TheCranbourne - June 13
The year 6 maths teams are ready for the Maths Challenge. Good luck teams.
@TheCranbourne - June 9
Year 3 got creative last half term! We linked our art and science units, competed observational drawings of plants & leaves and then printed our flowers using self made plasticine stamps!Enjoy our gallery!!!
@TheCranbourne - June 7
Afternoon fun at Sports Day for the younger ones.
@TheCranbourne - June 7
What a wonderful morning at KS2 sports day.
@TheCranbourne - June 7
The calm before the storm!#sportsday2024
@TheCranbourne - June 6
Y3 mathematicians are stretching their brains in today’s Maths Challenge!
@TheCranbourne - June 4
What an exciting day in year 1! Our duck delivery has resulted in 5 hatched ducks before the end of the school day. Just one more to go.
@TheCranbourne - May 24
Year 4 have finished their DT topic today by making a delicious plaited loaf. The children chose their own extra ingredients to add - we had everything from chocolate chips to olives!
@TheCranbourne - May 24
Elmer is 35 years old tomorrow - 25th May. Year one have loved learning about him and his adventures.
@TheCranbourne - May 20
Upper School’s rounders afternoon showing great accuracy and sportsmanship!
@TheCranbourne - May 17
Year 6 are being university students in The Prince Edward Theatre at Herts university. Learning about microbiology
@TheCranbourne - May 17
5RB are working hard in their first lesson 📝📚
@TheCranbourne - May 17
5RB are settling down for their first lesson of the day 📝📚
@TheCranbourne - May 17
Year 5 have arrived safe and sound!
@TheCranbourne - May 3
Well done to the football team who battled on through the rain. The B team narrowly missed out on the final and the A team secured 1st place!
@TheCranbourne - May 3
Well done to the Cranbourne netballers who played amazingly this morning, despite the weather not being ideal!
@TheCranbourne - May 2
Year 4 had great fun making bread rolls yesterday.
@TheCranbourne - April 30
Congratulations to these fab mathematicians for their performance in the Hertfordshire Y4 Maths Challenge!
@TheCranbourne - April 25
Year 2 are having a wonderful time learning about some very old planes, buses and cars!
@TheCranbourne - April 25
Year 2 are loving their trip to the Shuttleworth Collection, seeing lots of the inventions we’ve been learning about.