Curriculum Overview

Everything that happens in school is the curriculum. The children, and adults, are always learning, whether this is the academic curriculum, how to share, or how to be good citizens. We never forget that most situations children meet are new to them and they need to be taught how to deal with them.

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Our academic curriculum is designed with knowledge at its heart to ensure that children develop a strong vocabulary base and understanding of the world.  It aims to empower children with the knowledge and cultural inheritance they are entitled to: knowledge that will nourish both them and the society of which they are members. We aim to equip children to become interested and interesting adults, able to contribute positively to the well-being of their community and to wider society.

We believe that progress means knowing more and remembering more. We have built a curriculum that promotes long term learning based on current research regarding how memory works to ensure that children not only have access to 'the best that has been thought and said' but are taught this in a way that ensures children can remember the curriculum content in future years.  We make use of knowledge organisers (which are sent home regularly) to ensure children and their families know exactly which information is expected to be learned over the course of their study in a particular subject.  We understand that knowledge is 'sticky', in other words, the more pupils know the easier it is for them to know more.  We use this principle to build understanding in all subject areas through constant recall of previous learning.

Children need to learn the skills needed to apply their knowledge in new situations to enable them to be creative thinkers. These skills are built systematically along side the knowledge.


@TheCranbourne - July 26
It was all hands to the decks last night when school was flooded by the rain. Brilliant team work until nearly midnight. Back in today. We really don’t need more rain!
@TheCranbourne - July 16
Year 6 have had a great end to their Cranbourne years with a beach party on the field. The ice-creams provided by Mrs O'Shea were greatly appreciated by the children and staff. Class of 2021 we are going to miss you. Miss Beach and Miss Wilkinson
@TheCranbourne - July 12
Some more duckling swimming fun in Year 1.
@TheCranbourne - July 12
The ducklings had a brilliant first swimming lesson today !
@TheCranbourne - July 12
The ducklings enjoyed a run around on the carpet this morning in Year 1 :)
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cllr paul seeby
- July 10
Nice morning in my Deputy Mayor role judging the gardening done by the children. Good to see everyone coming back together as one school. + One community
@TheCranbourne - July 9
What a high standard of competition. The gardens looked amazing ... and the winners are .... Upper school and year 1. Runners up were year 3. Congratulations to everyone involved. A special thank you to our judges Mrs Semark, Mrs Taylor and Deputy Mayor Cllr Seeby.
@TheCranbourne - July 9
It’s nearly time for the Cranbourne flower show judging! The excitement mounts ...
@TheCranbourne - July 9
A very new arrival this morning in Year 1 and one pecking it’s way out😊
@TheCranbourne - July 8
Year 1 are very excited for the football match on Sunday !
@TheCranbourne - July 8
@TheCranbourne - July 8
What a lovely experience the children in year 1 are having with our ducklings.
@TheCranbourne - July 8
What a wonderful transition morning we’re having! It was the first time we’ve all been together (outside with big gaps!) since March 2020. I’m not crying, you’re crying ... RS
@TheCranbourne - July 8
Exciting morning in Reception, we’ve got our first butterfly!
@TheCranbourne - July 8
@TheCranbourne - July 8
We’re going to have some very excited children this morning ! We now have 3 fluffy ducklings.
@TheCranbourne - July 7
We’re all very proud parents in year 1 we have our first duckling!
@TheCranbourne - July 5
Year 6 are ready to sail - will the lake look as tranquil when we get on it!
@TheCranbourne - June 22
Y3 used pebbles and plasticine to make sculpture in the style of Henry Moore.
@TheCranbourne - June 21