Vision and Ethos

The three schools of The Hoddesdon School Trust share aims and values.

Creating memories and futures together

Trust Mission

To build a strong and secure platform for the lifelong learning of all our pupils, staff and the community we serve. The Trust offers a broad, balanced and well-rounded education for all, and believes that through shared values and high aspirations our schools are stronger together. We are committed to helping children and young people to discover and develop their own potential for success, both now and throughout their later lives.

Trust Ethos and shared values

We value aspiration which means we: 

  • Aim high in all that we do
  • Prepare to succeed in school and in life
  • Aim to create memories and futures together

We value creativity which means we: 

  • Believe that we are all creative
  • Love learning and thinking deeply
  • Acknowledge the importance of education for education's sake

We value participation which means we: 

  • Learn from each other to make a positive impact on our school, families and world
  • Broaden our skills beyond the classroom
  • Promote community links through charity work

We value respect which means we: 

  • Create a mutually respectful atmosphere
  • Have respect for ourselves
  • Form positive relationships in an environment that is free from prejudice, bullying and harassment

We value endeavour which means we: 

  • Believe hard work leads to success
  • Service to achieve our targets, goals and ambitions
  • Develop resilience to thrive in an ever-changing world


Vision ethos


The Cranbourne Ethos as written by the children!

Creative school
Rewarding behaviour
Astonishing kindness
New things are learnt everyday
Brilliant sportsmanship
Outstanding friendship
Ultimate fun
Reports are amazing
Never ending magic
Excellent opportunities