Tours for prospective parents

We will be running tours for parents considering a reception place for September 2023 - we are very much looking forward to showing you round our school! The dates are below. All tours start at 9:15 and are led by the headteacher. Places are limited on each date. Please call 01992 416220 to book a place.


Weds 28th - FULL


Tues 4th - FULL

Fri 14th - FULL

Tues 18th - FULL


Tues 1st - FULL

Weds 9th - FULL

Tues 15th - FULL

Weds 16th - FULL

Mon 21st - FULL

Fri 25th - space for 1 person

Weds 30th - FULL


Thurs 1st - Please note that this tour starts at 9:30 - FULL

Tues 6th - FULL

Weds 7th - FULL

Weds 14th - FULL

January 2023

Tues 10th - FULL

Weds 11th - 2 spaces

Admissions arrangements 2022/23

Admission to the main school

Cranbourne is an academy taking the full range of children from 4 - 11 years. Our allocation criteria for entry to reception in September 2022 can be found in the document at the bottom of this page. Applications for reception (ie starting school) are made online through the Local Authority at The application process has now closed. Late applications should be made through the same website.

Our admission number for each year group is sixty children, across 2 classes. All children start in reception in the Autumn term. Allocated places are guaranteed, so if a parent chooses to delay their child’s start until the term after they have their 5th birthday, they may do so. We recommend that all children start full time in September unless there are very exceptional circumstances. Parents of summer born children may choose to delay their application process by a year - they will then be part of the normal application system, there is no preferential treatment for such applications.

If you consider sending your child to us, you are welcome to visit in order to talk to the Headteacher and be shown round. An appointment may be made by calling in to the school, by telephone or by email (

Parents seeking places in other year groups can apply any time throughout the school year, again through the LA system. This is called an in-year admission. If there is a place it will be offered. If the year group is full, the child will be placed on a reserve list and the parents will be offered the right of appeal. In year nursery applications are made directly with the school.

Admission to the Nursery

We still have places available for the school year 2022/23. Please contact us if you would like a place.

Applications for the nursery for 2023/24 should be made directly with the school. This can be done at any time in the school year, with places allocated throughout the year. Our initial closing date for applications is February 10th 2023, with places allocations being sent out on March 6th 2023.

If we have any spaces remaining after 6th March we will allocate them according to our admissions criteria (see document at the bottom of the page), so it is worth handing in applications even if you have missed the deadline. We offer a morning session only and places are limited to 35. We will not be offering 30 hours in the nursery - our offer is for 15 hours only. We are happy to work in partnership with other local providers, such as childminders, if you wish to access the 30 hours entitlement.

All children start Nursery in September, although parents of summer born children may delay this until January.

Tours for nursery 2023 - From January 2023

To book a space please call 01992 416220.  Please let us know if you need to cancel your booking; every week we have families not showing up and taking a place somebody else could have used.

All tours start at 9:15, and are usually with the headteacher. Places are limited, so please book as many places as you need - if you bring an unbooked person they will not be allowed to join the tour if there are no free spaces. Please do not bring children with you - it's not very exciting for them!


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