Learning Culture

Our Learning Characteristics

At Cranbourne we believe that learning about learning itself is just as important as all the subject areas. We have thought about what makes a good learner and help the children develop these skills. Which are your strengths and which do you need to work on?

Resilient, Reflective, Curious, Accurate, Creative

Early Years

In nursery and reception the children learn how important it is not to give up when something seems tricky, and that learning only happens when we keep trying. Each class has two characters - one with a "can do" resilient attitude, and one who needs some help in this area! They begin to think about the other learning characteristics too.

Years 1 - 4


Resilient Rupert

He never, ever gives up! He knows that if he gets something wrong it doesn't matter, and that it's all part of learning. He goes for a challange every time because he knows it will make him a better learner and raise his standard of learning.


Accurate Angus

He is very careful with his learning and likes to make sure everything is just so. His handwriting is neat, he uses correct punctuation and doesn't make silly mistakes with his calculations in maths!


Curious Carmen

She wants to know more about everything. She is always asking questions. Her favourite words are why, when and how! She always wants to know what happens next.


Creative Cassie

She is always looking  for new ways to do things. She loves writing stories and finding different ways to solve problems in maths.


Reflective Ralph

He likes to try and improve his learning. He is never satisfied with the first version of his learning - he's always thinking about how he could improve it.

Upper School

In years 5 and 6, the children think more about how the characteristics link together and how we often need to use more than one in any given task. They have designed some more grown up symbols to represent the same characteristics.