Early Years


Our Early Years provision was graded as outstanding by Ofsted in February 2020.

Learning in the Early Years (nursery and reception) is the foundation for all future learning. It is in these years that children learn to socialise, to share, and how to be a friend. They get used to being in a situation where the needs of many may sometimes be more important than what they want - a real change for some!

The importance of play cannot be overstated, but there is also direct teaching where necessary.

At Cranbourne we believe that all children are entitled to a core knowledge. We do not believe that this can necessarily be covered through relying on the children’s interests to shape the curriculum. The themes below have been specifically selected to ensure that the children leave early years with the tier 1 (common words) vocabulary they need, plus tier 2 (more complex words) and tier 3 (subject specific) vocabulary which will enable disadvantaged children to access wider learning as well as children who may have wider opportunities outside school.

Nursery Reception




Jobs/people who help us



Basic geography






Ourselves/Body parts


Toys/the past


Key vocabulary

Weather/seasons: sun, rain, cloud, snow, wind, hail, fog, summer, autumn, winter, spring

Colours: black, white, red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, light, dark, mix

Shape: circle, triangle, square, oblong, side

Jobs/people who help us: nurse, doctor, vet, police officer, fire fighter, teacher, lollipop person

Family: mum, dad, grandparents, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin

Basic geography: map, Hoddesdon, England, island, land, sea

Animals: farm, woodland, wild, sea life, young, names of key animals

Habitats: woodland, desert, ocean/sea, rainforest, polar regions

Vehicles/journeys/transport: rail, road, air, train, bus, aeroplane, ship, boat, walking, travel, holiday, close, far away, traffic, roundabout, passenger, driver, pilot, track, carriage

Space: Earth, Moon, stars, Sun, rocket, planets

Ourselves/body parts: hair/eye/skin colour, arm, leg, hand, fingers, thumb, elbow, knee, foot, toes, back, neck, shoulders

Dinosaurs: extinct, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, teeth, skin/scales, horns, tyrannosaurus rex, diplodocus, pterodactyl (not a dinosaur), triceratops, stegosaurus, fossils

Toys/the past: old, new, the past, the present, plastic, wood, metal